Monday, November 03, 2008

I woke up just outside of El Paso this morning...and heard on the tv:

"So what do you think change is?"
"Um, it's like nickels and dimes and stuff. Not cash."

Awesome. But then I had to laugh because a 9 year old insisted that Obama has better hair. Fuck yeah! Wearing an Obama pin or shirt in Texas is like wearing a vintage Red Sox tee in New York. It looks like things may get radical since I'll be driving through this state all day long. Fortunately, I've already voted and don't need to worry about "changing my attire" before going into vote or even going near a voting facility. It's so fucked that it's illegal...somewhere in places like the Potomac river, to wear your flair on the biggest day that you should be open to voice or at least showcase your support. GO VOTE!!! (But leave your propoganda at home.)
In other news, I am finally getting caught up after all the drama of losing my wallet in New York. A 6 hour flight from NY to LA ended up becoming a 17 hour travel stint complete with a full interrogation process, delayed flights, potential cancellations and re-routed trips, oh....and no more free snacks or drinks on the plane. You've got to be kidding me. I can't even get a damn peanut on a flight anymore! So, my two days in LA were spent running around getting a new license and replacing all the other cards and materials needed for my tour. The good news was my new passport came in so at least I had that going for me but what a bitch it is to spend the small amount of "off-time" I had just dealing with all of my travel mishaps. It was a bit of a bummer since it took away from the enthusiasm I usually have on Halloween. But, The Heavy, Mr Roboto and +1 fixed that for me. Our party at The Echo on Thursday was so damn good I could have been stuck in a vat of molasses and still been thriving on. The Heavy were absolutely amazing and Pop Levi literally had everyone in awe. We had about a hundred random costumes floating around for everyone to mix and match, not to mention the possibility of a dance off if you wanted to swap with someone. There's nothing better than a drunken costume party with kriss-krossed mixed-up costumes and my fruit salad hat with a pineapple weighing my head down. Photos of my favorite costumes coming shortly...but let's just say a striped PJ suit with a strap on and a "zebr-antler" man definitely are high on the charts. Oh the joy of animal costumes...and such.
Wake up Texas!! Dallas, here I come.

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