Friday, November 21, 2008

I love all of the ridiculous parties in LA and NY. Why? Because of all the free stuff! What’s insane is that half the people living in these cities can barely pay rent but it’s super simple to go get drunk every night and even snag a full meal without dropping a cent. It’s not rare that you come home with a new t-shirt or album or maybe even something you drunkenly swiped from the bar. But the YRB Magazine party I went to last night in LA takes the cake on freebies for the poor, and rich. How about free double sized drinks, Pinks Famous hot dogs and no lie, free freakin’ tattoos. Talk about an amazing party.
Up until yesterday I've been tattoo free...and all it took was the right moment and the option of "free" and I closed the deal. Other than the tattoo mania going on, there were some intense games of ping-pong, hot dog ravishing, red carpet flukes, WWE dudes and Rae and I even got to model our vintage inspired and revamped outfits for the YRB Spring collection. Of course...the fun didn't stop there. We left around midnight and plopped onto Cahuenga with C-star where we danced in giddyness at Pash with Classixx and The Sounds. I’m happy to say I woke up with a full tummy, fuzzy hangover, and a new inked adornment. Now if we can only get parties to give away free lofts or something.

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