Friday, July 20, 2007

Ouch. I think since I've been back in LA it's been super seriously non freakin' stop. Even AM and I were talking about how we've been out at least 4 nights in a row rocking out hard core. Of course, it helps when you've got friends in town and can sleep in late two out of those four days.
However, the past two nights have consisted of minimal or no sleep. Last night I hit up the BPM 11th anniversary party...oh boy, oh man. The place was packed and sadly most of my friends weren't VIP so I kept bouncing around, bringing them drinks and snackaroos. I watched Paris ham it up for a dozen photographers and put a sticker on Ron Jeremy. Then spent most the night with either WhiteStarr or Moving Units making sure to make at least 3 sandwiches from their Ryder goodies in the process. Poor Ho Ho got a bit tipsy and fell out of the club to which I dragged him up the hill and his ass landed on the famous blue couch. Pretty sure he was mumbling in his sleep for at least an hour. And pretty sure he's still at my apartment buried in the comfy blue oasis. Damn, that couch could swallow you whole.
Anyway...why stop now!!!? Tonight is Check Yo' with Thunderheist and Plastic Little. Oh's nuts. Echoplex is going to be outta control!! And tomorrow MODULAR hits the Standard for a killer pool party all afternoon. .. .. and of course...DAFT PUNK is tomorrow night. Help! Too much amazingness for one week.

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