Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh bits...the unrated forgotten nonupdated blog! Well...considering that travel was lacking in fantastic voyages...minimal lingo took place. But, I'm back. Finally. Home in Los Angeles where the grass is always...greener? Too much negativity has taken place in the past week. So...tonight at Sharon's bday bash I got hold of one of those so called lucky piggies. I don't know. They were flying all over. Bouncing out of catapult guns, hitting me in the face and wrangling up in my hair. So I kept one of the buggers. Plastic piggy best be busting out with some good luck in my direction. Please.
Travels sucked, destinations didn't quite get fulfilled, but I did get to hang with ONeill from Protokoll for two whole nights, mayhem it up in Boston, practice that accent, bar hop, house hop, crack jokes, study some geography and well, the rest is a bit of a blur.
There's also lots of piss you off bits I can attack you with later in regards to the shit of the non-trip trip. Bits. They're tasty.

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