Saturday, November 07, 2009

I love ET. I also love Mr. T. So obviously...I pretty much love this. It's beyond weird, beyond freakish, and beyond uncomfortable but somehow absolutely enticing. I now want a Mr. ET doll. I also wanted a milkshake this evening; seems pretty legit, easy to get, fulfilling. So I head out with Rog to get a milkshake and we are floored and in high anticipation of housing these milkshakes. Plus, we did the ultimate and decided to get fries to go with them. Score!
So there we are, all pumped and literally pulling into the driveway when...boom! What happened? I don't know what happened! Except Rog was saying "oh shit, it's on the floor." Oh, naturally the cup fell out from the ever so famous knee grasping cup holder. But then it progressed to "oh my god it's all over the floor." Now, that's not sooooo much of big deal except for when we were ordering I got the small size. And Rog said, "a small, that's nothing." And then when his large came he realized the large could pretty much knock you unconcious for three days with a milkshake dairy-coma-buzz. So, that being said, a three day large milkshake was all over the floor. And...there were no car floormats. I couldn't really do much other than laugh, and of course shoot a video of the soppy mess.
My weekend kicked off with getting my tattoo at Inkwell which I won over a game of pool followed by treking to Delaware for a Scion Klondike Kate's. Arch and I came up with a lot of silly songs about that name and I witnessed a lot of sloppy drinking behavior. Come on college kids, learn to juggle those five vodka redbulls (or as Eric of Wallpaper calls them, Redka Vodbulls). Even if they are $3 a pop, you gotta stock up, right? I also hosted the premiere in Philly and Los Angeles for Men Who Stare At Goats. Amazing. I thought the movie was peculiar and hilarious, especially watching George Clooney really let go and show off his dance moves. And of course the goats. Goats are so underrated. I think I would like a pet goat. I will name him Goat-T. Maybe I'll get three. Goat-T, Mr-T and ET. Now that's a trilogy.

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armyofda12monkeys said...

Saw you @ Brandywine last night and asked where ya were posting pics... Anyway read your blog and saw this post...

just wanted to say this philly? artist has this awesome Mr. E.T. t-shirt my sis bought for me @ the punk-rock-flea-market,
Thought you'd enjoy: