Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So much to tell about the crazy nights and endless days of Chicago for Lollapalooza. Anne and I seriously tore the town up and I actually opted out of shooting the festival so I could just kick back during the days. Rather than sit here and type out nearly five pages of what went down, let's just say I hung out with some super rad people, made great new friends and photographed the best damn parties there were. And, getting to dance around with Daft Punk and see them without those robot costumes was pretty insane. Ed Banger crew, Rapture, The Faint, Weird Science all played some amazing DJ sets, and The Rapture were soooo freakin good at Lolla. I missed Illinois but did get to meet up with them for energy drinks at 4am before going our separate ways, so that was pretty interesting. Energy drinks, in a thunderstorm, at 4am.
Plus, I'm pretty sure Anne and I ended up sharing a brain by the end of the trip, seeing as we each lost half of our own, and began our days with a mimosa or the hair of a thousand dogs. Room service and hotel/venue hopping was awesome. Debonair Social Club was such great hosts to us...yaaay! And man oh man, freakin VHS or Beta came in just to hang and chill on the last day and we checked out the My Morning Jacket show which was amazing. But seriously...some of the things that come out of your head when trippin' on life and boozin' at oh man. A list...of the weirdest blurts and blurbs from myself and friends I spent each day with during the trip to Chicago.

"What's your name?"
"My name's security."
"Oh, I'm Mike."
"Your name's gonna be Evicted if I have to come up here again." (Thursday 4am)

"Inside voices! Inside voices....what are we 12?" (Thursday, 4:15am)

"This coffee tastes like ash."
"No. Ash."
"Mmm, it does." (Friday, 1pm)

"Where should I put my cup? (Ellei to security guard)"
"Throw it there."
"You want me to litter?"
"Hey...grass's gotta get drunk too."
"Hmmm. The grass is very drunk now." (Friday, 10pm)

"We are a part of the urination!!"
"Rhythm nation...whatever...don't ask." (Saturday, 5am)

"Did I sit on potatoes? I totally sat on potatoes."
"I spilled gravy on my shirt...." (both shrug) (Saturday, 8pm)

"Man, you need the hair of the dog."
"I need the hair of a thousand dogs." (Sunday, 1pm)

"Don't dip the pen in the company ink." (Sunday, 3pm)

"If someone ever said to me, girl, I like the way you sweat...I'd be like boy, let's do this." (Sunday, 3:30pm)

"Oh yeah, we been tight every since we got so disgusting together." (Sunday, 5:30pm)

"I nailed it! I got it! The scratch n' stiff sticker." (Sunday, 5:45pm) - P.S. this shit's copyrighted

"I used to blow grass real good."
"I never blew grass but I snort sometimes."
"I don't know."
"So we snorted all night and blew grass?"
"Magical." (Monday, 4am)

This concludes my trip to Chicago...I honestly can't wait to get back to that lovely windy city.

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