Monday, August 13, 2007

It's hot as seriously. Speaking of hot...tomorrow night is gonna rule with Pink Enemy and Fembot and more NYC goodies galore. MMM MMM yum. I tried to take it easy this weekend and so had zero shoots and lots of pool bbq lounging. But damn it, I was still up until about 6am each night at up at 10am or so. However, my surprise evening on Saturday was well worth it since I spent the night at Houdini's house in Lookout Mountain. Um..amazing. I feel like there should have been some wizards bumbling around. This place had a moat, caves, hidden trails and labyrinths, a dungeon, ladders to beds on lofts, pools and hot tubs. I think I just stared around in awe for about 5 hours while nursing my drink. It was like a wonderland for people on acid and there may as well have been a Bilbo Baggins walking around too. Of course, no Shady pics because it was the night off...but randomly, there are photos online of this sweet pad which apparently once housed Zappa, Joplin and more. I didn't see any ghosts...although, who knows...everything was misty as hell.
Waking up Sunday morning was rough, of course I couldn't manage to sleep in at all for some reason but did lay around being useless for about 3 hours. And was off to Chavez for some margaritas with Jules and Ebone. I kept it to a minimum of one 'rita and blast off...the conversation exploded with nonsensical and amazing robot and zombie and crazy ass underground 80's movies that half the world's never heard of. And was 'let's get nuttier time' and have a private hair dye party. Hmmm..lovely. Now I'm a redhead. And of course, nothing tops off an evening like chasing the beloved cat around the back yard whispering his name so as not to fully disturb the neighbors, cause we all know they're slightly disturbed as it is. Oh the bonding of Sunday afternoons and evenings. I didn't really make it much further into the evening. 2am was shut down time. Soft red hair on the pillow. Lights out.

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