Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vegas. Ouch. But amazing amazing block party fiestas, so good we managed to be nearly passed out in the middle of the street and hailing a police car down because we thought it was a cab. Fortunately it's Vegas, so they told us to get our asses out of the street and to not sit down on the sidewalks either. Hmmm. Lucky in Vegas for sure. Our drunken stupors somehow didn't interfere with getting back to the hotel, and pre-ordering a delicious grilled cheese from room service an hour in advance. And let's just say a bath tub that fits four...and a bathroom with a television set is somehow spectacular...and hard to vacate, especially with mountains of bubbles. Plus, Monday night was a bit hilarious when my group jumped into a limo with a few random folks and limo hopped between casinos for fun...only to then gamble my 18cent voucher and drink a few crowns while being stickered up by Han Cholo. Kick ass indeed. Tons and tons of photos to come. But in the meantime, check this out...give it a minute, it'll rock your socks.

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