Thursday, September 06, 2007

Four hours of sleep in 2 days...what's that? How's that break down? hmph. bogart. No sleep causes interesting sensations I have to say. But what, who how does one sleep? When there's so much funness to participate in...and work...and and funness. Add that to Webster's please.
I went to Vegas a few days, err...weeks(?) ago. It was hot. I came back to LA. It was hotter. But the heat wave has passed, as has the chronic severe dehydration I suffered after eight hours on the Standard rooftop in the hot ass sun. Note* Don't chug vodka cuz it tastes like water after three drinks. This will only backfire on you in the morning...or...early evening.
Last night was the URB issue release party with Perez Hilton. We love Perez. Pretty super. I'm also sort of digging the new Starshoes venue, now called VICE Bar or Club or what have you. Pffft. What have yooouuu not?! I do believe I had dreams of pickles, pancakes and tennis shoes last night. Better than the night before when I was cheering or high-fivin' in my dream and raised my arms and punched the wall above my bed. Oops. Cranked wrist. Bad robot. I'm beat.
Oh yeah....and speaking of Vegas...I'll be back to the hot funky Beauty Bar for the VMA's and Justice party party party. Love those boys too. Check out this battle bot:

Oh...and don't forget, your weekly music download treat from our radtastic contributer iono ... here it is. Dondolo - Dragon (Shit Robot Remix)

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