Sunday, September 30, 2007

Someone smack me please. The last week has so nonstop it's sort of ridiculous. And yesterday, I actually shot for 14 hours...what the...? But it was all super rad. The Shadowscene tour kicks off in two weeks "officially" although the soft launch or whatever is this Thursday with Datarock. So get your asses out to my LA events; after that I'm gone for a month fools! The wracking of the brain has been pretty daily with sponsorship talks, tour booking, tv show meetings and more. Plus, lots of crazy parties and photo shoots, adjusting my life to working with a broken camera and seeing my friends beat up by security guards for having too much fun I guess? Laaame! Last week kicked off with Get Famous with Editors, the !!! (ChkChkChk) afterparty at Awesometown and then right into Club 82 with Nick from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Jesse from EODM. Then, Illinois hit LA and I spent Saturday afternoon with them at the first annual Swerve festival. Plus, got to see an amazing set by Snowden. Um..hi, Corinne the bass player freakin tears it up!! I've never seen anything like it, that girl's amazing!
Yesterday was also Neighborhood festival..more like hug-fest. Literally, so much time was spent running around getting and giving hugs all day...what?! Holy fantasticness! And of course taking about 1500 photos and rolling around in the grass. From there it was off to catch the rest of Toxic Avenger at Check Yo and then to a crack house style afterparty where Spank Rock and Juiceboxxx loitered the crowd. The best was the doorguy charging people who didn't know the difference. LAME. Not sure who put that party together but poor folks were dropping dollars where they shouldn't have. I guess it was worth it for some since the party went on for hours and was actually pretty damn hilarious. My favorite moment was watching a girl try to fingerpaint with what was already a dried crayon ink print on canvas. Amazing.
I slept a bit. I jumped around a lot. I think my hand is bruised...but ice cream apparently saves the day. So do squirrels who throw things at you. And cats who eat carrots.

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