Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yes yes yes. I'm so beat, there's nothing more I'd rather be doing that sprawling on my couch and watching endless hours of stand up comedy. Let the games begin!!!
Last night's Check Yo' was crazzzzzy retarded. Protokoll and VHS or Beta were great and I was yet again blown away by those French DJ's...Para One, Surkin and Curses! Smack damn. Today everyone was a bit wiped out, so we had bilingual games of Wii for our entertainment. I woke up with a jolt of caffeine and was springing from the banisters in ALee's house...wondering if anyone wanted to hear some Juiceboxxx? Anyone. Ok. Fine. Meanwhile, some buddies of mine are stuck in editing hell...for a week straight. Here's this (three cheers to Honaker and crew busting ass on reverse question semantics and puzzles). So much hilarity in these three minutes...we've for sure all been here:

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