Friday, September 12, 2008

It's really refreshing to wake up to an overcast morning sometimes. I feel like it takes the rest of the world just as long as me to actually wake up. No cheating because of the sun. Tomorrow is Nocturnal...and boy oh boy is that name oh so appropriate.
Digitalism are in town so I'll be running around with Isi and taking photos at the festival with all the So Sweet artists as well. The fest starts at 7pm and Digitalism don't even play until around 2am. Ptao and I are planning on hiding back and sidestage ducking around all the neon that will be flying around our faces. It promises to be an interesting night for sure. Tote bags are almost complete, tees are in printing (half printing which means still rolled up in boxes with a jug of ink beside them) and new stickers and goodies are in the process. Now it's time to run off to a hike before the sun sets sail.

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