Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i kind of love living alone. because it means i can come home and drop my drawers on an instant. i dont have to worry about fluffing my snarl of a hair in the morning or being embarrassed about my half crooked sleepy eye when i first wake up. cus fuck it. it's just two cats staring at me and ogling my face until i put a biscuit in the bowl. or a triscuit.
i also realized that my dear mokey who is now 15 years old is nearing his lapse of life. its heartbreaking. but, since i've been sort of preparing for the past 3 years, well, i acknowledge the inevitable. but i had a funny. and that was when i considered the concept that if there were a "tales from the kitty crypt" mokey would straight up be the crypt kitty keeper! And yes that's an amazing thing because the crypt keeper is fucking cute. yes...he is. skin and bones and all. and that laugh! holy molasses! Mokey...boney little bastard that he is, is totally the kitty crypt keeper.
i need more sleep. i have been a silly little disrupt character all day. but i like it that way.

p.s. fuck capitol letters. way overrated.

p.p.s. goodnight. good morning. good heavens.

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