Tuesday, June 10, 2003

For those of you who are still waiting to see some wonderful images of the European Trek 2002, check out these photos taken by Ian Grant during our journey in Paris: the first night in Paris began with a journey to the famous Louvre Museum at night. This place was spectacular and absolutely massive. I returned to it a few days later with Ian and got to check out the Mona Lisa. They apparently keep it behind glass for protection and to keep those flashes away from it, but it doesn't stop people from relentlessly shooting it with the flash cameras. Of course its the smallest painting ever and you can only see it for about 5 seconds before being shoved out of the way.
Another wonderful moment in Paris - The best thing was the Eiffel Tower. So beautiful at night and day. We ran down at the last minute to see the glow of the structure. It was like a carnival below with men chasing us around trying to sell us glowsticks and flags. And I was for some reason too nervous to ride to the top of the tower. Fortunately the view from below was grand enough.
And the highlight of the night, the beginning of a week living on sugar crepes and a wonderful pizza shop in the Latin Quarter. I soon became a regular...

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