Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Back from Boston and in LA, fortunately in one piece! ATA has some of the worse seating arrangements I've ever seen. And Boston really is a rainy city. Of course it's pretty gray out here in LA as well.
No complaints from me though. As of now I am a certified H2 driver as well as 350HP Corvette enthusiast. I spent the one sunny day in Boston driving a few of the newest cars on fresh man-made courses. The best was the vette, pushing the pedal to the floor and feeling the back end of the car just drop out, 0-60 in 2 seconds. A week ago I would never have expected to have that under my belt! And pushing the H2 up a 90 degree hill so the only thing in site was the sky straight above. Hooray for gravity!
Speaking of gravity and cars, my big-bad pug Waldo was hit by a truck while deciding to chase it down the street. It's okay, he's fine. Actually he's great. He banged up his chin a little and is now as good as new! Unbelievable! A black cloud chasing the fierce tires of an F-160 only to bounce off, tumble across the pavement, hobble around and transform back to himself in a matter of hours. Of course a little vet assistance goes a long ways!
Three cheers for Waldo-Lucas! And three more cheers to Mokey for holding up the fort while I was away!

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