Wednesday, April 08, 2009

So eyes are actually burning. All day and all night. So tired...but I can't sleep at all. I don't know why. My pillow doesn't hug back. My blankets don't wrap me up the same way. So tired, but I can't sleep at all.
My mind works like an auto-bot. A mind of it's own really. Trekking around, building new paths and creating new lines of existence. My mind is a mind of it's own. So tired, but I still can't sleep.
Conjuring up concoctions called meals but they're really a diabetic heart attack diet. Mac n cheese with jalapenos and hot sauce. Someone throw some broccoli on there; now we'll call that a snack. Rambling late nights and hitting up heavy metal stage sets. Booing and hissing like a wounded speaker. And that's a so called good time.
So tired and I still can't sleep.
Got taxes but don't wanna file receipts. Got love and it runs way too deep. Got expectations and guarantees and a funky plee for a paycheck. Got donations and nothing to spare. No cares, just wear and tear.
Next month I'll record an album. Next month I'll disappear. And if you follow it won't be on twitter; because the brown noses know what is clear. So tired but I still can't sleep.
Tomorrow I'll write something basic. Perhaps it'll be a review.
Tomorrow I'll go outside and reflect. Relax. Recline.

Sometimes no sleep is divine.

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i like that