Friday, April 17, 2009

I can't believe it's Coachella again. I am lagging and not even getting to the desert until probably 4 or 5pm at this rate. But alas, three days of raging in the desert is a pretty good handful regardless. This year, Casio is sponsoring Shadowscene so I'm kicking it off with documenting tons of stuff at Coachella with my fancy new Exilim gear. This oughtta be interesting!!!
I'll be at the Indioasis party both Saturday and Sunday...and possibly the Jelly NYC party for a bit on Saturday too, just to catch my Kenan Bell boys and shoot some footage for Flip!
Of course, I need to try and take it somewhat easy this year; maybe a few more dips in the pool to keep my cool? Next week is the official Shadowscene artshow so I have a ton of biz to take care of before doing the installation on Thursday. And the awesome news is my artshow is now going to be in New York and Miami as well!!
Well, I'm off...let's get this temperature kicked up about twenty more degrees, shall we?


Nature Grafitti said...

so sad i couldnt make it to coachella this year... hope you had a blast!

rufus said...

They made cool music. too bad can go there too.