Friday, August 14, 2009

I was tired. I am tired. Now I'm sleepy. Had the music on repeat. Now it's on repeat through headphones. Neighbors prefer alarms buzzing to my late night rhythms.
I realize most people put headphones to secretly listen to that...well, wait. Apparently, whenever you are listening to headphones it's to privately zone into your own world. So whether you are 9 or 90 you wear your headphones for a reason. Otherwise, we would all be on level 20 LOUD.
What if we had our songs on full blast. And in the middle of a metro station or a store, or on a bus or in a school yard, or in a grocery store aisle 3, or in the kitchen next to Mom...we just took them off and pulled the plug so everyone could hear? What if we took them off and placed them on the head of the stranger next to us? And then we just stared at everyone...waiting for a reaction. What if we actually got one that mattered? punches would be involved. Hopefully, just wide eyes and open ears. Open mouths and big ass dreams.

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