Monday, March 03, 2008

Todays adventure : lunch at 10am.
C-star rolled outta bed to come have lunch with me this morning. Yes, lunch this morning. That's what happens when you get up and start your day before 7am. Quite a mind fuck especially when I'm used to going to bed at that hour. Regardless, it's hot as hell outside and we skipped over to the crepes joint where I could fill up on latte and scrambies. As we're paying, I notice that the dude who is making my latte is picking at it...making circles and stuff. Dude, 'I think the guy is making a picture in my latte' I told C-star. So rad!
And yes...he brings me the to go cup and places it down on the counter, placing the lid next to it. Inside the white frothy foam is an intricately drawn "420". What the fuck? The dude is stoked, smiles at me and I look at C-star. We both just start laughing immediately and then walk to our picnic table. 'Do I look like that much of a stoner' I asked him. Like really? Regardless of whether or not I looked, or look, like one I'd say the fact that I spent 10 minutes laughing at foam pretty much sealed the deal for the barista.
From there our adventure continued down to Hollywood Blvd where I swear I saw a pregnant dude walking around with his belly hanging out, Jim Beam (as I call him) polishing the stars and then was attacked by a bunch of shit flying out from a bus. C-star was fortunately wearing sunglasses. My eyes were blitzed. Next we spent some time in iguana surfing the vintage duds where I made an amazing score and then back to my restart the work day. Early Monday morning adventures are fun...and crucial indeed.

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