Sunday, February 24, 2002

Hey guys! I am officially half way through my journey and my brain is definitely freaking out from sensory and language lingo overload. I've made it through Paris, Versailles, Bayeux in Normandy, checked out the beaches, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and ate lots and lots of crepes and pizza from the Latin Quarter. By the end of last week I was relaxing in a sweet little hotel room in Madrid, and finally trekking up and down Las Ramblas in Barcelona. I got to check out the real original "Guernica" and Picasso stuff as well as the hugest aquarium in Barcelona where I got to walk through an underwater glass tunnel with sharks everywhere!
Today, after a 22hour train ride, I am in Rome Italy and hanging out at the laundromat while spending a ridiculous amount of euros for the internet. I should be here for a couple of days, filling up on pasta, good breads and lots of historic sights. I met so many cool people on the long journey here and i need to say thanks to all of them for keeping me company, making me laugh, and helping me find my way around! Thanks to all you guys sending the supportive emails! I wish i could share some pictures with you, they show alot more than my words can explain.

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