Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Monday. But in my world it feels like a Sunday afternoon. It could pretty much be any day as far as I'm concerned. What I do know, is SXSW is in a couple of weeks. I feel like this year the Austin musical summer camp may step it up a notch and actually be reminiscent of fun levels circa 2007. I'm talking real parties, late night dancing, surprise secret bashes galore, legit free food and drinks, warm weather, country farm style shenanigans and some solid bands. Let's get it!
In other news, I'm hypothesizing that winter is over. Spring is a couple weeks away. In fact, I don't think there really was much of a winter to begin with. Hooray?!
I'm also going to give a hooray shout out to this dude in the middle of the street. He looks just like Bob Ross, is wearing a fluorescent orange vest over his flannel, and is painting diagrams on the street. But he seems to be having a real hard time understanding the detailed spec sheet. So, his happy little X's are probably all in the wrong spots. I wish he were painting a Where's Waldo in the intersection. I love that dude...Waldo was hilarious. Cool ass dude with a little cane, just time traveling and hopping around the globe, no big deal.
Did you know there's a Where's Waldo movie? What a devastation. All I can say, is this thing better be super bad ass. 2015...the world of wandering Waldos.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let's talk about ponies. I like 'em. They're pretty cute. When I was six I flunked the spelling bee because I got so cocky once the tough word "brontosaurus" had been cleared. I thought I had that shit pegged. But then with my over zealousness, I failed on the word pony. As soon as I spit out "P-O-N-I-E",  I already knew I'd effed that one up. But ponies are still cute. And Pony Up is a solid band, those 'lil Canadians. But now there's this. And I know a ton of you are gonna love it. All it's missing is rainbow colored tassles and flair. It's the HORSEY. And it's pretty dynamite.
I'm pretty content with my Raleigh bicycle complete with little basket. But seriously, how bad ass would it be to ride around on this little guy. At least for a day. Shit, you don't even have to feed the sucker.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tuesdays are for new things. New music. New ideas. New energy. Mondays are a wrap up or recovery from your weekend or a desensitized disillusioned launch to your week. Tuesdays are where it begins. So, for today...Tuesday...I have new music I want to share. Dear readers and music lovers, here is a new rad track, by Brooklyn based Friends. I dig. It's one of those addictive jams you may not want to like, but you just can't help yourself.
Download Friends "I'm His Girl"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Every time I get back home to LA or am even a day shy of traveling there, allergies attack, or a cold, or pure exhaustion. Seriously, what the hell? Screw these allergies. I'm on a cocktail binge of Orange juice, Mucinex Claritin blend. So far, so good. And I swear, if anyone as much as sniffles next to me on the plane I'm insisting I change seats.
Today kicks off the Sunset Strip Music Festival #ssmf. I've pretty much skipped out on this the past couple years but I'll be present this time around for the James Pants private party, performances by Mötley Crüe, Bush, Matt & Kim, Public Enemy and more. Not to mention, the Mad Decent LA Block party also falls this weekend. Yowsas. It's an end of summer downpour of epic parties. Rager.
And for all these end of summer parties, happy fun timers Matt & Kim just did one of those collaborative songs for Converse. Matt produced the track and asked Andrew WK and Soulja Boy to contribute. So, Converse did a photo mock up merging their feet together and the new track "I'm A Goner" was released. Thoughts? I was predominantly excited about the heavy metal Varvatos converse, but that's just me. Rock on.

Download Track Here

Listen Now

Monday, August 15, 2011

No, not a Prince Albert. A Prince Henry. But I'm sure someone out there will come up with a costume for that as well. This is what I'm talking about: CAT FASHION. Whatever will the Japanese come up with next that is just too cute to not enjoy. Honestly, I feel terrible for these critters, all wrapped up in fuzzy cotton and silks, bowties and bibs, booties and buttons. But, the images in the compilation book just released by VICE are totally worth ogling. The expressions on the dolled up felines is priceless. Cats with flair!
Personally, I know Pickles would shit a brick if I even tried to tie a ribbon on her. And I wouldn't dare. It's too ridiculous. She'd be better at playing "stuff on my cat". Or best at just being a regular cat, chasing bugs and stuff. Cool Cats. Livin'. Heathcliff style.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I hate February, therefore I wrote nothing for that entire month. But now it's March. It's nearly springtime and things have started to pick up speed again. Yes, it's SXSW season. But before I even launch myself into that onslaught of a party in the desert, I've dropped myself here back in sunny Los Angeles where I'm pretty sure I got a faint suntan from walking to the coffee shop. I'm back in LA for a bit, first doing an installation for The Standard Hollywood and then playing a Biker Daughter show at Franki Chan's CYP2 with The Deathset and Ninjasonik. This is my third installation, and the fucked up thing is as a visual artist, when it comes to full on sculptures, painting, design, I never know what I'm really doing until I start doing it. Let's just say I've spent the first half of today studying iconic robot images and getting way too immersed in robotic sciences. I also picked up a few books.
So Monday, I'll be adorning the Standard with whatever my mind sees as fit. And then the following night I'll be hanging from the rafters in front of a Los Angeles crowd. And then the party really kicks into overdrive. . . and my skin'll be bronzed by the end of the Austin blitz.
I'm not really sure what I'm getting myself into otherwise, maybe a few Hefeweizens. Perhaps a couple of burrito stands or taco trucks. Most definitely an evening with Fake Blood and the IAMSOUND family. Oh, and plenty of immersion in the Vitamin D. Now I find myself wondering how long it'll be before they have a robot that also runs off solar energy. He could be soaking up some Vita-D too. Me and Robot D, cruising the scene. I'm pretty sure this dude exists. Time will tell.

Monday, January 31, 2011

This thought crossed my mind this morning, when I woke up wishing it were a beach day, thinking that I was about to open my curtains to excruciating sunlight and an ocean view. I must have still been dreaming because there's definitely still a foot of snow outside, albeit a hint of sunshine, and a predicted blizzard on Wednesday. Regardless, it's also pretty much February which means it's nearly spring which in turn means, it's ALMOST SUMMER!
But for now, snow boots, moon boots, parkas, hats, scarves, more scarves, double jackets, four-layered shirt syndrome ensues. No biggie. My mind is clearly at least two months ahead of schedule, partly due to the fact that January is always spent planning for March/April and full on summer scheduling. So pardon me if I begin wearing bathing suits as my first layer of winter armor.
I'm bracing myself for the nonstop month ahead which I know will more or less erase February from the books anyway. It'll be April and we'll all say "wait, what the fuck happened to Feb and March!?" Pfft. That shit was snowed in which = one long hibernation evening. #netflix
In two weeks I start recording my next EP and the remix album should be coming out shortly for Biker Daughter. Today, MTV's The Seven is featuring Biker Daughter as a part of DJ Kiss's upcoming artists to watch (squeeee) which just had Kenan Bell and Hank & Cupcakes on within the last month. Mini-tours in February, SXSW in March, video shoots in March and then it's nearly Coachella. Oh, and Coachella...I can't believe I'm actually on the fence for this. So someone give me a good reason to go. Because I don't know if I feel like wallowing in a mash-up of 2005 meets last years sxsw. #foodforthought
Here's a song I like. They're new to Brooklyn. They're kind of hams. But the song makes me wanna jump off something or on to someone. Enough said.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Let's start with this. Yes, my nickname is robot. And yes. I used to drink 3 sparks a day. But, I was sponsored. So I felt inclined to have at least one color serving per day. Lies. I loved the shit. But that's also why I don't get why people still drink it. It's not Sparks anymore. It's not real. It's an orange flavored malt beverage that's eating your stomach away.

My crew in 2005 helped introduce Sparks to the market, when it was only being served in NY and LA. So, every party had it for free and our fridges were stocked. Let's just say when they took it off the market, this little robot got sad and had to find a jet pack to get me all the way home each night. That being are a few random selects from 2005/2006 when the party posse wouldn't function without that all too well known orange tongue. And sorry Four Loco, you ain't got shit on Sparks. Not now, not never.

Cheers to all the friends who helped me funnel my favorite battery acid beverage and fueled me for years of partying, crowd surfing, 12 hour photo shoots and endless touring. And if anyone has a real Sparks on reserve (not Steel), please, send it my way.

I selected a few photo gems to share with you. Featured photos include me & Jade at the Love Yourself warehouse in Los Angeles pre-Magnetic Zeros era, me cooling down a frothy Sparks at The Sounds after party on Vine St., my favorite zippo courtesy of Sparks that even sings to me, drinking and high-fiving outside Capitol Records (a nightly routine), and some old school crews and Sparks built towers and castles.

Can we somehow get this back by popular demand? Drats.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

There are some things that are simple and some that are suppose to be and aren't. Let's talk about the stupid cardboard milk or creamer cartons that we could never open when we were 5 and in our mid twenties still can't manage to crack. This happened at Rocket Cat today, while I was preparing my coffee and some dude next to me finished off the creamer and had to open a new container. I took my time putting the sweetener in my cup of Joe while he struggled with the creamer. Then there was nothing to do but watch. "I've almost got it, I just need a tool," he says and then fishes around for a device to actually pry and poke the creamer open. Clearly, I start blatantly laughing at this point. Why can't there just be a nice little spout?! Or a twist off cap like the cardboard orange juice boxes come with? I mean seriously, we're sitting here 4 hands deep trying to rape this box of creamer just so we can prep our coffee. The best part is, once it's open he literally throws a splash into his coffee and says, "Damn...all that work for just that." I felt like I should have shaken the jug up and started spraying it around the cafe in celebration! Of course, then we would have had to spend another half hour opening a new box of creamer.

Monday, December 06, 2010

I love fun facts. I also love frivolous irrelevant bits of information. Let's talk about the avocado. For one, I'm allergic. But I'll eat the hell out of avocados and guacamole until my lips tingle and I'm reaching for the Benadryl. I like to call it "building up a tolerance."
Furthermore, at Rocket Cat today there was questioning as to why all the lovely avocados were wrapped up in a paper bag. Because they ripen in the shade, dudes. Don't be putting your hard little avocado in a basket in the open air and sun to ripen...because it'll turn brown and mushy. That ain't proper ripening. Avocados fall from the tree and ripen in the shade. Fun facts! So fun, I'm going to go throw some of this fruit on my bagel right now. Yes, an avocado is botanically a fruit. But we treat it as a veggie. Fruit salad!?
Lovely avocado art by Craig Stephens: